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Music can bring people together in a sane way. No one can imagine life without it since it has made such a significant contribution to this planet. You could, however, prefer the cold silence if you don’t like music.

People can download a variety of music applications, but not all are capable of providing quality content. Further, only a few of these applications actually let you download the original tracks and albums from Deezer with their cover images, and Freezer APK falls into this category.

What is Freezer APK?

Are you familiar with Deezer? You have access to a wide variety of music content from around the world through this music platform, similar to Spotify. Unfortunately, using the app in its free version does not allow you to download or stream music in its highest quality. By granting users unlimited access to high-quality streams and downloads, the Freezer APK breaks such limitations. Deezer Premium is not required to access VIP features.

Download Freezer APK Latest Version for Android

Downloading music from Deezer is made easy with the Freezer APK. The app is available only from a third-party site or an official website, and it incorporates features such as popular podcasts, worldwide music charts, and even the capability to import playlists from Spotify. Here you can download Freezer APK in its latest version.

Version Info

NameFreezer – Deezer Downloader
DeveloperFrancesco C
Size15 MB
Last updated on1 January, 2022
Download Freezer Mac

You can download Freezer on your Mac-based computer by clicking on the download button below.

Download Freezer For PC

There is no need for complicated installation procedures to download Freezer on a PC, you just need to download the .exe file on your computer and run it. 

The application will be installed on your device if you follow the on-screen instructions. Please download it first before installing it.

Download Freezer Linux

We recommend downloading the installable files from the download button below if you are using a Linux-based device. Linux OS is usually preferred for web versions or for server-based environments.

Features of Freezer Apk

Freezer Downloads Music with Album Cover

Freezer Downloads Music with Album Cover

Free music downloads are quite nice. In comparison, you can’t download the same song for free, with the original album cover. Without the image cover, a track or album doesn’t feel complete to me, and I wouldn’t enjoy it.

You know, that might sound odd, but that’s just how things are? As several of you probably agree with, here’s the Freezer APK. It not only offers free high-quality downloads but also provides the opportunity to download the original album cover as well.

Import Spotify Playlists


The Spotify app has become very popular. Despite its success in providing high-quality music content, such as playlists, the app is difficult to download for free and into your phone’s library. Spotify is one of my favorite services, as are many others. It’s never too late to get into a good mood with this list of nostalgic songs.

As a result, with the Freezer APK, you won’t have to forget about your playlist since the app lets you import it directly from your Spotify account. The best part is you don’t even need to login into Spotify to do so.



It’s pretty clear that we no longer know what we need to listen to or want to listen to. The flow can sometimes be interrupted by something new. You can find Flow in Freezer APK’s search menu, a feature that allows you to play songs that might seem random to you, but have been selected to keep the flow going from song to song. We feature a wide range of genres from different regions, eras, and cultures.



There are likely to be a lot of options out there. The charts can show you the most popular music across different regions. You may be familiar with charts like the “top 100 world” or “top 100 USA.” However, there are many other charts to discover that contain popular content that you didn’t know about some of which you are sure to enjoy.

Listen to songs that are in a language other than your own, you might enjoy it. Choose a chart that differs from your usual one, like “top 100 Germany” or “top 100 France”. Furthermore, you will be able to find trending songs in other countries, as well as the most-streamed albums and playlists around the globe. With the Freezer APK, your options are endless.

Music by Genre


Explore your options if you want to enjoy music clearly. The best way to broaden your musical horizons is to listen to different genres. There will be something you will enjoy that you wouldn’t expect. You can choose from 20+ genres, including Pop, Rap, Indie, R&B, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, and Classical. Rock may also be your cup of tea if you’re a Rap fan.

This application provides users with the opportunity to appreciate diversity in music by giving them a chance to try something new.

Music by Mood


Your tastes in the genre may be the same every day, but your mood may change as well. Your normal listening tastes only involve energetic electronic sounds, so you might not know what to listen to on a sad day.

You can stream music according to your mood through the Freezer app, however. Whenever possible, we carefully select every track for the right type of mood it portrays. Make sure you’re happy when you’re listening to songs of happiness or sad when you’re down.

Music by Theme

By adding playlists based on the user’s current theme, the Freezer APK goes the extra mile. Whether you’re working out or running around in the gym, this app will keep you motivated. You can use this playlist if you’re lying in bed and aren’t in the mood to get up such a theme. 

The “party” theme playlist can be enjoyed in the car while you are driving to the club if you are throwing a party or just feel like it. There’s a playlist for when you’re chilling at home with nothing to do.


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Can I listen to podcasts in Freezer?

As of now, Freezer is compatible with Radio from Deezer. Future updates may include Podcasts, according to the developer. It is still in the Beta stage.

What does the Play Protect warning mean when I install Freezer?

Play Protect Warnings are displayed due to the BETA status of the app. You can either disable Play Protect or click Install Anyway.

How come I have to re-login to Deezer each time I use Freezer?

We are aware of this problem. You will need to log in to Deezer repeatedly since the access token expires every 24 hours.

Final Words

Your life can be described by a soundtrack of music, so find a source that keeps you interested in quality music around the world. The freezer is a music diversity application that gives you the freedom to enjoy music in different forms.

Deezer Downloader & Streamer’s Freezer APK is my favorite Android app. Exttex offers you unlimited music and downloads from Deezer via its app. Below APK provides you with detailed instructions on how to install Freezer Apk on your Android, PC, and Mac.

The new Freezer Android APK has covered all the information you need. In the comment section below, please let us know if you have any questions or encounter any problems while installing or using the app.

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