How to Transfer a Spotify Playlist to Deezer [ Guide ]

Transferring a Spotify Playlist to Deezer is easy! Most people prefer to listen to their songs on platforms other than Spotify. And for good reason: Spotify doesn’t allow you to download the songs, and it’s not compatible with offline listening.

That means that if you want a playlist of music for your walk or workout routine, or if you’re commuting by bus and don’t have cellular data access, then you’ll need another platform like Deezer.

In this post, we will show how easy it is to transfer your favorite playlists from Spotify over to Deezer in a few simple steps!

Method 1 : Export Playlist in Deezer

Step One: Sign up for an account on Deezer or log in with your existing one if you already have one. Once done, locate the search bar and type in the name of the artist whose songs you want to import into Deezer from Spotify’s library.

For this example, we will choose “Taylor Swift”.

Step Two: Once you have found the right artist, click on them so all of their songs are being displayed.

Then scroll down until you locate the playlist that contains the song(s) you want to transfer over from Spotify’s library into Deezer’s one.

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Click on it! You will now see a list of all the songs that are included in this playlist.

Step Three: Click on “export” and then hover over it for about two seconds before clicking again so you can choose how to download the file! We recommend “Download as Mp3”.

This will allow you to play your tracks offline with no internet connection, just like Spotify does! Now let’s check out where they went after we downloaded them. Go ahead and open up Deezer and click on the library located at the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

Once clicked, scroll down until you find the music section and tap on it once more. And there ya have it – our Taylor Swift songs from her album 1989 were imported into Deezer!

Step Four: If you want to import another playlist into Deezer, simply go through steps one and two again.

But this time click on the name of the artist whose songs are in your favorite Spotify playlist instead of selecting an entire album or specific song(s).

Then repeat step three by locating where exactly the downloaded file has been saved to before clicking “open” so it can be imported onto Deezer as well! that’s all there is to it – happy listening everyone!

Method 2 : Export Playlist in CSV

There is an alternative way to transfer music from Spotify to Deezer. There are two ways of doing this: you can either use a WiFi hotspot or WiFi network with your computer or mobile phone, but it will be slower, or you can email yourself the playlist/track links via email and then open them on Deezer.

  1. Choose Spotify as your preferred source service.
  2. You can select which playlists you want to copy.
  3. Choose CSV as the destination service and press “Transfer.”
  4. As a result, the service list is created.
  5. Select Deezer from the list. Select destination service by pressing “Transfer” and then choosing a server.

This technique allows you to export all of your music data as a CSV file and re-use it as needed to import the information to Deezer.

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