How to Find Your Deezer User ARLToken with Chrome in 2023

The French music streaming service Deezer is similar to Spotify and Tidal. You will see advertisements and the sound quality is lower. It is free, however. Deezer also offers an expensive “Deezer HiFi” subscription that stores music as FLAC files.

Fortunately, these FLAC files can be downloaded very easily and very quickly with the free subscription in DRM-free format. Although there are many ways to accomplish this, I will describe perhaps the simplest.

Get Token from the Cookie

Open Google Chrome and you will be able to log into your Deezer account (if you don’t have one already, create one).

crete a new account in deezer

You can access developer settings in Chrome by clicking F12 while logged in.

Expand Coockies in the left menu by selecting Application from the top-menu. Go to to access the site.

Then, find arl and copy its value. To do this, mark the item and right-click, then select Edit Value. Copies the value.


[ ] a PC/Mac

[ ] Chrome

[ ] a Free Deezer Account

[ ] 2 minutes

How to activate the ARL token in Deemix

To use this application it is necessary to activate an ARL token that we can obtain from our Deezer account. It is a somewhat messy process, but once done we will never have to repeat it again, and we will be able to download all the music we want. These are the steps to follow:

arl deemix token
  • The ARL token is a series of numbers and letters associated with your Deezer account, so you will need to register with Deezer in order to obtain the token.
  • When you are in your Deezer account, click on the small lock next to the url of the web in the browser.
  • Select Cookies -> -> Cookies – ARL
  • Copy the ARL token and paste it in the Deemix app, inside the configuration (in the sidebar it can be accessed).
  • Click update ARL.

Wrapping Up

I hope you like our tutorial for how to get Deezer userss arl tokens and use it in deemix app.

if you have any issue with that please let me know we are here to help you regarding this.

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